Billings' Finest Dance Studio for the Arts

Discount Dance Supply has set up a page for School of Classical Ballet students to purchase the necessary leotards at reasonable prices.

Creative Movement Classes can wear any style of pink leotard and footless tights from any seller.

Pre-Ballet Classes can wear any style of light blue leotard, a specific light blue skirt (click link below) and pink convertible tights with split sole ballet shoes. 

Ballet 1 through Ballet 4 Classes must purchase the leotard style shown here in the appropriate color for their level with convertible tights and split sole ballet shoes. (click on link below)

level 1 - mulberry, 2 - garnet, 3 - teal, 4 - burgundy

Ballet 5 Classes and up may wear black leotards.

Beginning Ballet Teen may wear any color leotard, convertible tights and ballet shoes.

Modern Classes should wear any color leotard with a top over it if wanted and leggings, dance pants or gauchos. Hair pulled back and out of face.

Jazz, Musical Theatre Dance & Tap Classes 
should wear any color leotard with tights or form fitting longer shirt with leggings, and genre appropriate shoes.  Hair pulled back and out of face.

Hip Hop Classes should wear looser pants, shirts and dance tennis shoes (no street shoes, please).

NOTE: Girls may wear shorts as an extra layer over tights or leggings, but not alone. No crop tops, and please, NO glitter on anything! 

For Ballet they should wear white t-shirt with black tights/leggings. For other classes they may wear any solid colored t-shirt, tighter workout pants, thin sweats, long shorts, or leggings.